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For the applicant

  • Track jobs internally and externally
  • Resume customizationComing Soon!
  • Apply by drag-n-dropComing Soon!
  • Easily schedule interviewsComing Soon!
  • Accept offerComing Soon!

For the recruiter

  • Track candidates
  • Job description optimizationComing Soon!
  • Invite by drag-n-dropComing Soon!
  • Easily schedule interviewsComing Soon!
  • Make offerComing Soon!


Easily keep track of applicants with the Drag-n-Drop feature


Get real-time updates on your job applications

The platform that truly supports both parties.

Our Testimonials

Finally!! A platform that gives my candidates the ability to track their own application progress, provide feedback and updates to them — all in real-time. As a recruiter, this platform will streamline my recruitment process and prep my candidates to bring their A-GAME to each interview.
H.D. — Recruiter
With the JAMSNext job tracker, I am much more easily able to keep track of the details of my job search. The tracker goes above and beyond a typical spreadsheet or list by allowing me to click-and-drag tiles from "Interested / Applied" up to "Interview / Shortlisted". It reduces overwhelm in the job search and allows me to add notes, dates, and other details so that I can keep the information at my fingertips if I am called by the company.
J.G. — Job Seeker
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